Bait Car - Censored Montage

I don't think it's a Baitcar

These two young car thieves can’t decide whether or not the truck they are stealing is a Bait Car or not.  Well, they guessed wrong.

After searching the truck and finding some goodies, they start driving around but quickly realize that they don’t have much gas.  They go home to one of the boys houses to get a pump so they can steal gas but shortly after they leave the house, the police move in and their night is over.

Don’t forget, Bait Cars come in all different makes, models and sizes and you’ll never know if it is a Bait Car until it’s too late.

'It's a F _ _ _ ing Bait Car You Idiot'

It won’t take long before you figure out that these two car thieves aren’t brain surgeons.  One of them steals a bait truck but his buddy wants to drive.  That is fine as the first guy slides over into the passenger seat and all he wants to do is smoke his crack cocaine anyways while the other guy takes the wheel.  It doesn’t take long before the police close in but the driver decides he wants to make a run for it.  That was a poor plan though as the police cut the engine and this duo was sent directly to jail.

You Might Wanna Get That Rig Outta Your Mouth

OK, this guy just might be the dumbest bait car thief ever.

Three suspects hop into the freshly stolen bait car and they are all worried about being 'legal' so the police won't have a reason to stop and check them. So they all put on their seatbelts like law-abiding citizens but it seems that the driver overlooked one small detail. He starts driving with a heroin needle (a rig) hanging from his mouth. Luckily, the female passenger notices and tells him 'you might wanna get that rig outta your mouth' but not so luckily for them, they stole a bait car. 

As you will see, their luck runs out when the police cars and police dog arrive on scene. 

Remember our slogan - "Steal a Bait Car. Go to Jail"

It Has Some Sick Rims In The Back

These two guys think they hit the jackpot when they steal this Bait Truck with a spare set of 'sick rims' in the box.

One guy steals the Bait Truck and his buddy follows in another stolen car. The suspect in the Bait Truck eventually spots the police and heads for a little off-roading to try and get away. He jumps out of the truck while it is still moving and runs but doesn't get very far before the police throw the wrist bracelets on him.


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